Women in India: An Inspirational Video

Women in IndiaIf we have the conviction and enough inspiration, we can turn any opportunity into something meaningful and beneficial for others. And Radhika, a student from Switzerland has set this example.

Radhika first visited Vrindavan in February 2015. When she was at FFLV, she talked to some girls and their perception on getting an education. She felt really inspired and wanted to learn more on the subject about how education can give people a new sense of self confidence.

In Switzerland, to graduate school one needs to write a research paper about a topic of ones choosing. Radhika, 18, who is also doing her graduation from Switzerland took this opportunity and decided to do her research paper on Education and what it can do for an individual. She made a small movie where she has portrayed this and covered life story of girls like Laxmi and Shanti who are students of Sandipani Muni School.

The video shows how important education is for them and what their life could be without it. According to a UN report, India has second-highest number of child marriages. In India, more than 13 million girls under 19 years of age are married. This accounts to 3.8 percent of total married women in the country. Radhika has compared how things are changing with time and FFLV’s education program is not only transforming lives of these girls, but also the thinking of the new generation. In the theory part of the paper, She researched the status of the woman in India since the Vedic age to where it is in rural areas of India today.

Radhika has very successfully portrayed the importance of education in the life of a girl. Here is a link to this very inspirational video: Women in India

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A time for new beginnings and a time for farewells.

Spring 2016 at Sandipani Muni School. A time for new beginnings and a time for farewells. A time for results and a time for promotions when it comes to our students progressing to the next level of studying.

12th A students Farewell party portrait.

12th A students Farewell party portrait.

A time for the 12th Grade girls who have been with us since their kindergarten or nursery days to enter a new stage of higher education and to start to consolidate their life plans regarding a career or a vocation . A time to say goodbye to a School which has shaped their personalities ,a school which has guided, sheltered and fed them all these years,a place in which they will always be welcome to be part of and contribute towards the development and educational process of many other girls who will follow their example and follow in their footsteps. A place that will not be easy to forget.


Madhupriya (12th Grade) welcomed to the Farewell party from the 11th Grade students.

The 2015-2016 school term has now come to an end and the new term has started from the 1st of April. We had two celebrations that have marked these rites of passage: The first was the 12th grade farewell part hosted by the 11th Grade students and the second was the Prize giving ceremony for all the students from the Prep Classes to the 11th Grade based on the best 4 students for each class based on the quality of their studies,behavior and attendance.

Maya(12th Grade),one of our older students receiving a prize from SMS teacher Krishna Dutta.

Maya(12th Grade),one of our older students receiving a prize from SMS teacher Krishna Dutta.

These few images are a record of both events which has marked the transition our girls are going through and the mood of celebration of achievement.

You might recognize some of your students amongst the faces in the photos.You might also see how they have blossomed and developed themselves into fine individuals whose past was of uncertainty and bleakness regarding their future, Only thanks to your ongoing support we have been able to achieve the goal of educating these girls and providing an environment in which they could be safe and able to escape the cycle of poverty and bleak hopelessness which their parents had to deal with for generations.

Sangam,our student promoted to 12th Grade and visibly moved to tears upon being called on stage to receive First Prize in her Class for having excelled in her studies,her conduct and attendance.

Sangam,our student promoted to 12th Grade and visibly moved to tears upon being called on stage to receive First Prize in her Class for having excelled in her studies,her conduct and attendance.

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“Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”Legal awareness cultural Programme

IMG_7509Recently at Sandipani Muni School Vrindavan,the Principals in collaboration with several teachers and the students from various classes organized a programme of legal awareness by the name of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao(Translated from the Hindi means Save daughters and educate them). We had a similar programme in 2014 ,aimed at informing our young girls regarding the still present issues of Child marriage,protection of women, the importance of education and general advice in case any of these issues are there to be confronted.

Group Photo

SMS Management invited several guests from different Government organizations and Local Legal Entities. Respected guests such as Mr.Pavan Srivatsav(Judge and Secretary District Legal Service Authority of Mathura),Mukesh Gautam(Chairman of Vrindavan Municipal Board),Mukesh Saraswat(Head of Village Panchayat),Pratibha Sharma(Child Welfare Committe Mathura District),Uma Shankar Sharma(Social Welfare officer of Mathura),Shyam Nishad ,Vinita Sharma ,Deepika Singh and Sheil Kishori(Bhagavatam Priest).


Following a scheduled programme which started with the Welcome song to the Guests,the girls from different classes began their range of performances which varied,from Odissi Dances to Yoga Acrobatics and Martial arts(Karate),Patriotic or Devotional songs and dance numbers with a Bollywood twist to it,and the essential Stage Drama with the theme of the Programme.


Towards the end of the program,several of our respected guests were invited on stage where they addressed the students giving them general advice regarding Child marriage,who to contact in case they have to deal with either parents or relatives who are trying to arrange for them to be married while in their puberty ,the existence of laws towards their protection,etc.

Such cases are becoming rarer nowadays due to these programs taking place and due to the level of education and support available to these girls.

Sandipani Muni school and Food for Life Vrindavan have always been and will always be at the forefront dealing with the Protection of women and girls in particular.

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NYGF 2016: Celebrating Love and Care

We make a living with what we get but we make a life with what we give: Winston Churchill

Food for Life Vrindavan organized the very awaited New Year Gift Festival on the 2nd of February 2016. Year after year thousands of kids receive gifts that we buy with the contribution of people from all around the world. This is amazing to see how enthusiastically people donate for this every year, and how eagerly the children wait for it. The cost of a gift pack is $6, which may not be a great amount for many, however;

Its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving: Mother Teresa

This program is a symbol of love and care from the donors. They care to make the year special for those that have been forgotten by the society, to say the least.


Mr. Ganatra distributing gifts

On the first day of this three-day program the festival started at our school where the students received their gift bags. Our long-term supporter, friend and trustee from UK, Mr. Ravin Ganatra was present at the opening of the Gift Festiival. He made a speech prior to the start of the distribution where he thanked the students and encouraged them to continue to study. Mr Ganatra is a UK actor and is FFLV UK’s Director.

A Yoga Group from USA, led by Gopi Kinnicutt, also participated in the distribution program. Our volunteers from Italy, who were visiting along with FFLV’s long-term friend Adi Vickers, also helped greatly and participated enthusiastically in the program.

The second and third day of the Gift Festival was celebrated at Local Village Schools in the surrounding areas of Vrindavan. Mr. Avdesh (Owner of Gangotri Garments, Vrindavan), came along with his wife for the distribution.

The faces of the children lit up as they saw the gift vans approaching and received the gift packs with great joy and gratitude.

We thank you all who contributed to this program. For this three-day festival, a total of $24,927 was raised and 5800 gift packs were distributed that contained:

School bags, Carrier Bags, Pencils, Sharpener, Eraser, Woolen Cap, Toothpaste and Toothbrush, Bouncing ball, Cartoon Stickers, Soap, Candy, Biscuits, Chocolates, Peanuts, Pictures, Misc. Toys.


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New Year Gift Festival 2016 began!

New Year Gift Festival is on full swing, watch this space for more photos and videos.


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