The Joy of Giving is Magical

Dear Friends,
Another successful festival, thanks to you all! This year we reached our funding goals of distributing 5,500 gifts matching our gifting goal of last year!
In this three day festival, on 25th, 27th and 29th of January 2017, we went out to distribute gifts but what we got in return was priceless. The happiness and excitement, eagerly waiting eyes, restless chitter chatter, the precious smiles was all so beautiful to watch. The children wait every year for this festival, because they know that there are people in this world who care to make their new year a special one too.
Every year we celebrate giving and organise this festival around New Year to gift a smile to those that are left behind in the society. While we all celebrate New Year with our families and make them feel special, your little contribution of $6 makes sure that someone on the other side of the world feels special too. That someone may not be from your immediate family but they certainly belong to the family of mankind. And this is what makes us love another human being, by giving just to make them happy, without wanting anything in return. Thank you very much on behalf of the children of Vrindavan!

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