Life of Rita

A single mother of two, Rita had little hope when her husband passed away in the year 2010. She was married at a young age with no education and little did she know what life had in store for her. She struggled to bring up her two angelic daughters aged 3 and 5 that time. As the sole bread earner of the house Rita had to leave her children alone at home and go out to do work until she came across Food for Life Vrindavan. Her daughters were immediately taken in the school and she was offered a cleaning job at the office.

Rita lived in a temporary hut previously, that used to have a metal rooftop and used to be as hot as an oven in summers, with FFLV’s help she was able to rent a room for herself and her daughters where she lives now. She was also given help to get a cooking gas. Along with a monthly salary for her work, she is also given monthly rent and rations from FFLV. Both of her girls are bright and very well behaved students at school. Life seems to have made them more mature for their age. Rita does not want them to face the hardships that she had to in her life. She has great hopes for her daughters and really believes that education will change things for them.