Iron to Gold

Before & After


Before and After

 Hema and her brother and sisters at the temple kitchri distribution (left) and now (right) at Sandipani Muni School. As can be seen by the children’s growth, Hema and her family have been with us since 1999. She now works part time in our grocery store. Today she is a blossoming individual.


Maya at temple distribution 1996 and Maya in 2001. Most of her food has come from FFLV.

Giriraj and Ramesh

Girija and Ramesh’s family be­long to Tikam Garh, a tiny village in the state of Madhya Pradesh. They moved to Vrindavan in 1999. The first photo was taken in April 2003 during prasadam distribu­tion; the second photo shows them at Sandipani Muni School today.

Kaushalya and Jambawati

Kaushalya and Jambawati have been with us for a long time.

Vishaka and family

Life of Vishakha and her sisters wasn’t easy before she joined Food for Life. Vishakha is doing well in her studies today.

Ranga, Ganga and Champa

Ranga, Ganga and Champa used to come to our Kitchri distribution before. They are confident and educated girls today.

Rampyari and Dulari

Rampyari and Dulari after innumerable struggles in life are now with the school and feel safe and protected.


Varsha before & after joining Sandipani Muni School.


Kaushaliya a daily attendee for kitchri distribution now in Sandipani Muni School.


Devaki was born sometime in 2003 in Sunarakh Village, just 3 miles away from Vrindavan town. She is the sixth daughter of Jayadev and Maya. She was found by our doctor in her house, alone and very sick, covered with flies and excrement. The doctor told us that if we did not take her to the hos­pital she would not live until the next day. We rushed our car to the village and took the girl to the hospital. After five days we took her mother to collect her. When the mother saw that the girl was well she turned to our officer and remarked, “You saved my daughter; now you pay for the dowry:” Devaki attends the Sandipani Muni School Nursery.

Ratna and Laxmi

Ratna and Laxmi at their house in 2003 and in 2005 at Sandipani Muni School.




 At an early age, Beauty’s parents divorced due to her father’s addiction to alcohol and gambling. Her mother sent Beauty with her grandmother, who brought her to Vrindavan on pilgrimage. They both liked it so much, that they decided to move there.

For a while Beauty went to a free school, which didn’t have a good education, so a teacher there, told them about the Sandipani Muni School.

The decision was made and Beauty moved  to the school, at first she was really sad and missed her Grandmother a lot, but slowly she found a whole new family. Now when she goes visit her Grandmother for a few days, she misses home, she misses the school.

Four years later, Beauty is very grateful to have had the fortune of having a wonderful family, studies and such opportunities in life.  Beauty : “I don’t know where I would be if FFLV wasn’t here. But I know that I would not have had such a good education and my grandmother might not be alive today. She was really sick and she had no money, but FFLV helped her to get better”.

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