Education is the best provision for old age. And we prepare our school kids for it.

Food Distribution

Food distribution program marks the beginning FFLV, and the distribution has been going on for the past 25 years and people have benefitted greatly from it...

School meals

Every morning our girls from kindergarten get fresh milk, fruit and cookies for breakfast...

Sadhu-Blind-Widows Seva

Our Food for Life Meals program provides free food to women & children, blind, sadhus and widows. We also provide ration to families in need.

Drinking Water

Vrindavan is known for its hard salty water, medically unfit for drinking. Our Water for Life project provides the schools, people and community of Vrindavan with clean and safe water.

Environmental Services

Environmental services: The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth. Marlee Matlin We believe that humans must cooperate and live in harmony with the nature. We must uplift our consciou...

Social Development

Social development The village of Vrindavan is turning into a modern city rapidly. Seeking financial stability many poor and illiterate families are migrating here for manual work. The farmers are ...

Medical Services

Medical expense is one of the primary costs that takes toll on the poor. Because of living in the poverty-stricken state, they are more likely to fall sick but have least access to medical care. Wi...


Every year since 1997, FFLV has distributed thousands of gifts to Vrindavan’s poor children on New Year’s Day.