Cosetta and her Dolls

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In the month of August, we had some great volunteers visit us and help us with teaching the kids at school. One of them, however, really won the hearts of our little girls. Cosetta from Italy, volunteered with us for two weeks. In this time she taught our girls how to make dolls using scrap cloth. Cosetta got all the raw material from Italy which shows how much effort she had put in to make this project successful. She first learnt how to make the dolls herself as she had no previous knowledge of doll making, after which she decided to travel to Vrindavan and teach at the school. The girls had so much fun and made some really cute dolls.
Sharing some pictures of this fun activity.


Cosetta teaching the girls

Speech competition at ISKCON


Sheetal receiving her prize


Savita won 3rd place in speech

In the month of August, ISKCON Vrindavan organized painting and speech competition. Over 8 schools from the area participated. The topic of speech was society without religion and for painting, the topic was Krishna in Vrindavan. The program was well organized.

Our girls were nervous in the beginning but were confident at the same time. They knew they were up for some really tough competition. We are pleased to inform you that our school girls won prizes in both the categories. Supriya won second prize in the senior category and Savita won third prize in the junior category of the speech competition. Also Sheetal won third prize in the painting competition (Senior category). Sharing a few of photos of the event.