Another proud moment

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share with you that Sherin Qureshi, the student of Sandipani Muni School, was recently awarded a Laptop from the Government of Uttar Pradesh for her excellent performance in studies. Always performing well in studies, Sherin scored 84% in her 10th Board exams. Not only that, Sherin is a great dancer and actor as well and participates regularly in many programs at school. She has set an example for other girls in the school. We are so proud of her and wish her a bright future ahead. Sherin is our student of the month.

Sharanya’s endeavour

Sharing a beautiful story of Sharanya, a 15 year old student from Frankfurt, who raised funds for the children of Sandipani Muni School.

Initially Sharanya had thought of simply asking for money from relatives and neighbours in Jaipur during her stay in winter break. But when encouraged by her parents to be creative to raise the funds she decided to raise the money instead. Since she likes to work in the kitchen , she came up with this unique idea of making pizzas.

She went to a girls’ hostel which is very close her house and few other neighbours and told them about Sandipani muni school and convinced everyone to order pizzas. She was helped by her cousins and grandparents and they ended up selling around 40 pizzas.

“It was such a fulfilling day for me to serve meal to so many people and collecting contributions for the best cause”, says Sharanya. She will be volunteering for Sandipani Muni school in July end and is looking forward to it.

We will be sharing this inspiring story of Sharanya’s endeavour to help others with our school students.


Chief Minister Awards FFLV

 We are pleased to inform you that on the 14th of December 2016, our founder Rupa Raghunath Das, on behalf of Food for Life Vrindavan received the Swayam Award 2016. The award was given by the honourable CM of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. The award ceremony was organised by Gaon Connection Foundation. 

It is noteworthy that out of a total of 650 nominations, Food for Life Vrindavan was amongst the top ten selected organizations. The award has been given to the those that have been working at the grassroots of the society to bring a positive change. The CM said that such organisations inspire others also to work towards the betterment of the society. 

Food for Life Vrindavan has been working in the field of girl education, women empowerment and social development for the past 25 years. Currently we have 3 schools that are providing free education, transport & meals to 1300 girls. We also have other projects such as skill training, organic farm, medical camps, free meal distribution, water projects etc. FFLV is honoured to receive this award and it has given us great encouragement. We hope to doing more and more work in this direction in the years to come. 

Dental Camp: An experience

Ms Deesha Ramji, a successful dentist from UK visited us recently and offered her services by organising a free dental check up for our school children. She wrote about her experience with us and we are sharing it with you all here:

Over the three days volunteering as a dentist, I must have seen over 500 children. I was very warmly welcomed every morning by your students and staff and really enjoyed participating in morning assemblies for Arti and Tulsi puja before class. I could see that the children were very enthusiastic and very organised because of the special guidance and dedication offered by the staff. 

The children were very eager to learn and responded very positively to any advice and questions when they had concerns. Towards the end of the morning, I found it very entertaining that Rupesh had fully grasped the diseases and their causes and proceeded to give advice to the children in Hindi according to the clinical findings I expressed to him at the examination. He is now a very good oral health educator for the children at the school.

On my last day I went to the school 5 km away where there are 350 children I managed to see most of them for check ups, advice and a list made of the those children who needed treatment. The children here were also very keen to learn. My translator, Hemlata mataji, was very good and was able to speak to the children about the causes of their problems as well as give them advice on how to avoid them. Mataji is a radio disc jockey so requested that she broadcast this information to a wider audience.

I hope you invite me back. Thank you so much again for this wonderful seva, it has been my very good fortune to have your association. 

Rena visits school

A beautiful young lady Rena recently visited our school. She came only for a few days and wanted to volunteer with the kids. She had some really fun time with the tiny tots in the KG section teaching them yoga, singing songs and playing. She also gave out really cute gifts to the children. The overall visit experience was so pleasing for her that she decided to come back in March 2017 and organise a Yoga Retreat in Vrindavan. She will also inspire people to help the school by fundraising and inspiring others to sponsor the girl education. We look forward to the group visit next year.

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls!!

doll-distribution-ii-1Its raining dolls this year :)!!iz3_9941

To much joy and excitement of our little girls, we had Svetlana visit our school again this year. She had made beautiful dolls which she distributed to the little girls from Kindergarten. The little ones were so happy. Svetlana makes dolls for UNICEF, she is from Paris and loves to bring dolls for our kids whenever she visits. 

Last time Svetlana visited FFLV in 2014, that time also she made hand made dolls that she had made personally to distribute to our girls. We distributed them not only at school but also to the girls living in slums nearby. We are surprised daily by the acts of love and kindness that many of you show and the effort and heart you put into giving. This is one such example. Thank you Svetlana, you have a really beautiful heart!

The Joy of Giving Back

reading-programmeAt Sandipani Muni School we are always trying to give the girls the best and helping them in ways they feel confident about themselves. We have been running an english reading program under the, support, guidance and inspiration of Urmila Mataji from USA. The head of the program Damini told us that for our English reading programme we have 120 kids aged 7-12 years. We are helping them enhance their English reading skills. Though this programme has been supported with volunteers from overseas but this year we didn’t get as many volunteers as expected and were in the fix as to what to do?, when we saw some of our older kids in the group started to help the younger ones. When asked if they would like to do this every day, their faces lit up and they said yes!

These lovely dedicated, punctual and sincere girls has been helping since July of 2016 which has help build confidence for themselves and they feel so happy doing this programme. We feel so proud that these girls took in upon themselves to give back to the other school kids what they have learnt. 

Sharing the names: Gunjun, Chanchal, Seema, Tanu, Babli, Chanchal(Yes we have two Chanchals 🙂 )

Thank you Eddye

img-20160929-wa0007  img-20160929-wa0009This year we had a very interesting volunteer Eddye Lopez from Italy visit our school. He is a plumber by profession. Eddye is a very enthusiastic person who loved exploring the local sites. He along with our plumber Sanjay went around and fixed a lot of pipes in the building. The best thing about him was that though he could not speak or understand the local language he still knew his way out. Not only that Eddye would spend his evenings distributing Kichri at school to the poor families. He would make sure he was there every day. It was so wonderful to have him and his unique skill certainly helped the school a lot. Thank you Eddye for coming, we hope you come back again and we will remember you as an ever smiling volunteer 🙂

Tuk Tuk Challenge Impact


Dear Friends, 

Thank you all for your wonderful support and participation in our recent Tuk Tuk Challenge. It was a great success and we are pleased to inform you that a total of 30,000 GPB was raised. This amount will be used towards the higher education of girls that finish their school, in particular for those girls who do not have a sponsor for their higher studies.

This challenge has secured the future of so many girls and they can now confidently step into college. Without your encouragement and contribution, this was no where near possible. We really appreciate your help and to all the participants who were on road for 12 days to educate these girls, just one thing: Bravo!

Janaki’s Kartik Maas

15027812_10101012585048846_3663701166650186754_nDear Friends,

As you must already be aware, our friend and supporter Janaki Mehta had organized a beautiful Kathak Solo night on the auspicious occasion of the Full moon night of Kartik month. She told the story of the holiest month of Kartik through her Divine Dance. The dance performance was conceptualised, choreographed and performed by Janaki Mehta in aid of our charity Food for Life Vrindavan. The show was a great success and we are delighted to share with you that a total of 4800 pounds was raised. A certain part of this money will be used particularly towards the Kathak dance training of the school girls and the costs associated with it.

The goal that Janaki had set was of £6000 which is not far off and any further donations are most welcome to help us reach our target. Those who couldn’t attend or wish to donate further to this worthy cause please see Janaki’s donation page

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the generous sponsors, donors, audience and participants to this event, most prominently however we would like to thank Janaki who is such an inspiration to all our school girls. Janaki sets an example for all of us how we can use our skills to help others. We are sure that a lot of hard work and effort must have gone into this endeavour. For one person to organize, invite, conceptualize, choreograph, and perform  just to help girls on the other side of the globe takes a big heart. Thank you Janaki!! We are so proud of you!