Pooja Khanna Medical Emergency Fund

We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to Pooja Khanna who has set up a medical emergency fund for the poor at Food for Life Vrindavan. Pooja has given $2500 for any medical emergencies that may come our way, so that we are able to help people immediately, without waiting for the funds to be raised. Pooja has been a long time supporter of FFLV. She has a heart of gold and many times she has gone out of her way to help the people, especially the children of Vrindavan. No matter how busy she may be, or what corner of the world she may be, she always finds time to come to Vrindavan to meet the children personally. We really appreciate her help and send her best wishes.  Regards Team FFLV.

Mrs India 2016 visits FFLV

Dear Friends,

We are happy to share with you that Mrs India, 2016, Mrs Shalini Sood visited Food for Life Vrindavan this morning and shared her inspirational story of success with our girls.

A computer engineer by profession, Mrs Sood is a living inspiration that age is no bar. As a child she had always wanted to be a model, however, she could not do it at that time. After marriage and two kids, she went after her dream and got what she wanted. Mrs India Beauty Queen contest is held every year for married women.

The purpose of her visit to FFLV was to encourage girls to chase their dreams and believe in themselves. The girls had a lot of questions and were really inspired by Mrs Sood’s answers. Her visit has certainly sown a seed in the girls and who knows we may have a future miss india in one of our classrooms :).

17 Years of Friendship

Every year, from the past 17 years, we have had the pleasure of having Peter Burwash visit our schools. A former successful tennis player, he has been a long time supporter of FFLV.

On this visit he recalled how he once sat in a small office in Vrindavan with his daughter Kim, Niraj and Rupa discussing about the program and it is such a pleasure for him to see how it has grown today. 

“It is absolutely wonderful to see the incredible effort and the kind of people the project has attracted” : Peter

His daughter Kimberly has been to Vrindavan eight times and Skyler have been here five times. They love coming to Vrindavan and call Rupa the “Male Mother Teresa”.

This year Peter celebrated the 42nd anniversary of his company Peter Burwash International (PBI) with the children of Sandipani Muni School. The guests played tennis with the school kids. The girls presented some beautiful performances and everyone had a great time.

For over 30 years, Peter Burwash has been a highly sought-after speaker for global companies. Every year he visits Vrindavan, he makes sure to take out time and give a talk to the staff and teachers of FFLV. His talks are really insightful and have helped us greatly on both personal and professional fronts.

Peter is a United States Professional Tennis Association Master Professional and has coached many tennis players, including Venus Williams and Serena Williams. During his career, Peter has both played and coached in 134 countries. Burwash is the author of 10 books on a variety of topics.  He currently tours the World giving motivational speeches.

FFLV volunteer wins IPC 2016 by National Geographic

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share with you that long time FFLV volunteer, Paul Musu, participated in the India Photography Competition 2016 and won the 1st Prize. The competition was organized by National Geographic. He submitted a photograph that he took at Nandgaon during Holi Celebrations 2014.

The competition was really tough and over 500 photographers took part in it and Paul emerged as the 1st prize winner and won a Sony RX 10 III  Camera. Paul is currently using this for FFLV volunteer service.

Human Chain By FFLV Girls

Dear Friends,

While the whole of Uttar Pradesh is preparing for UP elections 2017, our girls of Sandipani Muni School formed a human chain from Mathura to Vrindavan along with the students of other school. It was an attempt to raise awareness about the importance of casting a vote.

It is seen that in many areas in UP the voting percentage is quite low, therefore, it is essential that people understand how important each vote is and how much difference each vote makes. The event was coordinated by the school principals and experienced FFLV staff headed by Partha Sarathi.

Creative Teaching by Mani Manjari

“If a child cant learn the way we teach, may be we should teach the way they learn” : Ignacio Estrada

It is very important to be creative and know different methods of teaching when in a class, more so when teaching the little ones. Recently we had a wonderful person and volunteer, Mani Manjari, visit us and she delivered classes to our teachers on how to teach more creatively. Among other things, her primary focus was to deliver a workshop on “Learning through Creative play”; that refers to play as an essential resource for teaching the curriculum in the Early Year classes (Nursery and Prep). Three different modals of teaching through play were introduced:

1. Art and Design: where children are encourage to use marks, picture drawings, paintings, and constructions to create their personal responses to what they had viewed and experienced though the teaching.

2. Music, Movement and Dance: where children are giving opportunities to listen to sound, rhythms, and nursery rhymes; which are considered important tools for language development.

3. Storytelling and Drama: where stories are used as instruments for language development through listening (receptive language) and through role play (expressive language)

As per Mani Manjari, “My over all experience was really wonderful. I liked working with the teachers. This service is very dear to my heart, because I love Vrindavan and I like teaching very much. I wish that I could spend at least three months yearly helping at the schools of FFLV “.

We are really grateful to Mani for taking out the time for us. It was really helpful and we hope that she is able to come and do this every year.

Words of Wisdom By Kamlesh Patel

Time is all we have in Life. It is the essence of our Life. Without it we dont have anything.

In a small seminar given to our girls on Tuesday, Mr Kamlesh told them about the importance of Time. He compared time to money and introduced them to a revolutionary idea of using time as money.  One may ask how, turns out that Kamlesh ji has been successfully practicing this money less system in his cafe in Gujrat, where people can get a coffee or snack in return of their service. This makes people realize the importance of their time and encourages them to do free service for others. The girls really liked the idea and plan to use it in their lives too.

Brooke sends a girl to school

It is such a pleasure for us to share with you the stories of our little heroes from around the world who would go out of their way to help another girl get an education. One such example is set by Brooke, an 11 year old from Canada, who auctioned hockey tickets that she donated, and managed to raise 1000 USD. She donate this money to Food for Life Vrindavan towards the education of a girl. The amount is enough to cover the education and supplies for a girl at SMS for almost two year. Dear Brooke, we want to tell you this, you are a hero and we are so proud to know you. You are such an inspiration to other girls and also our school girls here at Sandipani Muni School. Thank you very much, and we hope to meet you one day.



The Joy of Giving is Magical!

Dear Friends,
Another successful festival, thanks to you all! This year we reached our funding goals of distributing 5,500 gifts matching our gifting goal of last year!
In this three day festival, on 25th, 27th and 29th of January 2017, we went out to distribute gifts but what we got in return was priceless. The happiness and excitement, eagerly waiting eyes, restless chitter chatter, the precious smiles was all so beautiful to watch. The children wait every year for this festival, because they know that there are people in this world who care to make their new year a special one too.
Every year we celebrate giving and organise this festival around New Year to gift a smile to those that are left behind in the society. While we all celebrate New Year with our families and make them feel special, your little contribution of $6 makes sure that someone on the other side of the world feels special too. That someone may not be from your immediate family but they certainly belong to the family of mankind. And this is what makes us love another human being, by giving just to make them happy, without wanting anything in return. Thank you very much on behalf of the children of Vrindavan!

India’s 68th Republic Day

On the 26th of January, 2017 the children of Sandipani Muni School, along with the rest of the country, celebrated India’s 68th Republic day. The children were so excited, some had the tricolor painted on their cheek while others carried it in their hand. So many colorful performances were given by the girls. Some were meant as a tribute to the soldiers of India, while others were portraying the beauty of different cultures. Also some performances raised issues of women safety in a free and developing India.

Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950. Our school kids very well understand its importance and thus express their respect for it every year.