She needs help!

• The United Nations named India “the most dangerous place in the world for a girl child”
• ONLY 40% of India’s girls age 6 - 14 attends school
• One in five girls will die of malnutrition or preventable diseases before she is one.
• Many girls will be forced into marriage as young as 12 and will have to cope with parenthood. WELL BEFORE THEY ARE 18.

What you will get

As a sponsor, you get the satisfaction of being a very important part of this whole new world and you’ll be amazed by how much can be accomplished with so little. You can keep in touch with your child through letters and personal visits and become a part of your child’s world!

Sponsor a Girl Now!

A meager monthly contribution addresses issues that promote the overall development of the child.
Besides education, it provides health care and nutritional support. The sponsored children will also receive basic necessities like shoes and clothing, school uniforms, tuition or supplies so that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of their education.
We make that possible by maximizing efficiency and keeping administrative costs low so that maximum expenses go directly to benefit the children.

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