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Dear Friends,

19584We are pleased to share with you the beautiful act of love and care by the students of Caisl American International School of Lisbon. During the whole month of May, the students in 4th grade participated in a new reading program called Read for Students in Need. Throughout the month, they received pledges from sponsors for each page read in the course of a week to raise money for our Sandipani Muni School in Vrndavan, India.

19585We are delighted to announce that 4th grade students read a total of 83,130 pages throughout the month of May! The total amount of money they have raised – an impressive 2,500€. A BIG THANK YOU to these little angels from 4th Grade and all of their generous sponsors! We would also like to thank their teacher Dianne who inspired the kids for this project. Thank you very much! This money will be used towards the kids in kindergarten and also towards a widows feast. 13333018_994583007262462_361780627135666036_n

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Our Brave Neetu

77 Sweety 64 Neetu 306 poonam (5)

Neetu at the time of admission

From a small tree, a mighty trunk may grow- Aeschylus

We take pride to share this story with you of a girl who joined us when she was but a little bud. Over the years she grew in the courtyard of our school. Little did we realize that this flower would blossom so beautifully…

“Being terrified but going ahead and doing what must be done—that’s courage”

Neetu stated this very well in the incident below.

Neetu (16 yrs) was returning home in the evening, from her food distribution service at school. She was riding her bicycle when she noticed that a young lady (who was an expat) was being followed and harassed by an auto rickshaw driver.


Neetu at evening meal distribution

The road was lonely and suddenly the man pulled that lady into his vehicle and rode off. The lady was panicking and asking the man to stop and let her get down. Neetu could just not stand there and watch. Seeing no one around to turn to, she followed that rickshaw on her bicycle and saw that the rickshaw had pulled over at a very lonely place. Neetu didn’t wait for anything; Her hands were shaking but she mustered up all her courage, picked up a big stick and struck the driver from behind. The driver shocked and in pain, hurled abuses at her, but Neetu didn’t care. She took the lady by her hand and asked her to sit behind her on her bicycle and off she went.

She dropped the lady in a safer area. Teary eyed and grateful, that lady offered Neetu her silver bangles as a token of appreciation, but she refused. The whole situation was so overwhelming that no names were exchanged. It was a gesture of care from one girl to another.


Neetu being awarded at school

The next day she shared this incident with her friends and teachers. We informed the principals who awarded her for her bravery in front of the whole school. She shared the incident with other girls who felt really inspired hearing this.

Neetu made us so proud and we thought of sharing this incident with you all who are contributing towards the education and grooming of many these Neetus in our school.


About Neetu and her family:

In her family, her father was born in Agra and is currently an unemployed carpenter.

Her mother was born near Kolkata, West Bengal. They moved to Vrindavan where her mother joined Food for Life Vrindavan as a cleaner.

Her older sister Poonam, who graduated from Sandipani Muni School last year in 2015, is now in college.


Neetu Dancing

Neetu has an outgoing personality and is known for her great sense of humor amongst her friends. During evenings she attends the free meal distribution where she helps in serving the street kids. She is a very good dancer and actively participates in stage plays and dance programs.

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Bhakti Without Borders Update

Dear Friends,

W184509_2141089069365128_548804590457005579_ne are pleased to announce that Bhakti Without Borders have reached their one year goal of funding the education of 30 girls in Vrindavan, India by donating the profits from the sales of their album to the Sandipani Muni School. Bhakti Without Borders have been nominated for a Grammy Award and the Shri Radhe music video was a finalist for the Global Peace Song Awards. Madi and his artists from Bhakti Without Borders  will be performing at the Sydney Opera House in August in the honor of the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Iskcon. The album have been featured on radio, TV and print media throughout the world. We hope for this project to continue raising funds for FFLV and we are encouraging as many people to purchase (don’t stream!) the album and buy it .

We appreciate each and every one of you who supported us and this worthy cause. THANK YOU!

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New Embroidery Centre

This summer our school girls from the embroidery team were given a great gift. With the help of our donor and supporter, the girls got a new embroidery room, with better facilities. We would like to thank Sd. Paramjit Singh Thakkar ji, Mrs Manjeet Kaur and Mr Sarabjeet Singh Thakkar for sponsoring the construction of the rooms. We really appreciate their help. A couple of pictures below from the inauguration ceremony.

Cutting the ribbon  IMG_9372

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Karate Competition at Shri Ji Baba ashram,Mathura.

Photo from a recent Karate competition which took place at the Shree Ji Baba ashram in Mathura where our 11th and 12th grade students took part and won first prize for winning a group competition. The girls who took part are Poonam (10th Grade) Tannu (11th Grade) and her sister Priya (12th Grade), Anchal(11th Grade), Poonam,Anita and Sunita (all sisters, studying in their 10th and 12th Grade). Well done girls.


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